Wikileaks fortsätter publicera.

Wikileaks redo för ny masspublicering av dokument.

@wikileaks WikiLeaks
Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs. intense pressure over it for months.

Samtidigt fortsätter turerna runt Julian Assange. Svea hovrätt begärde idag in mer underlag från åklagaren och sköt  därför på ett beslut när det gäller den anklagelse som riktats mot  Julian Assange vilket kan tolkas som att det finns svagheter i åklagarens argumentering.

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13 years ago

USA pressar Sverige att ta fast Julian Assange så att USA kan få han utlämnad.
Tror nämligen jag, samt att han också är helt oskyldig till det det han anklagas för.
Det Julian och Wikileaks gör är beundransvärt, och han borde få ett världspris för det.

Yousif Al-ganabi
13 years ago

Said the British newspaper The Independent that the United States are having to make adjustments and functional at its embassies around the world, because of the consequences left by the process of publishing and insiders of the U.S. secret documents.

The Independent quoted a U.S. diplomat as saying that it takes at least five years until the United States can rebuild trust with the world, amid continuing Wikileaks published documents in the last quarter of the estimated million and a U.S. secret intelligence document.

Yousif Al-ganabi
13 years ago

About Wikileaks is talk and debate and widespread in various countries of the world, and multiple perspectives, and each viewed from the political point of view, and different interests. But during my follow up, I find leaks in different political purposes. There seems to withhold the documents, relating to certain fingertips, and there are other leaks target, many different purposes. That no leaks which targets the different parties the same strength and purpose and goal. The leaks are not aimed at the truth, as it stood naked, but the truth in specific purposes.